Our instructors now teach salsa in a number of classes, workshops and special events at Salsa Latina Academy, helping people to achieve their true potential in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. They have a big desire in helping people to learn & teach at a pace that is right for student, so that they master & experience the joy of dance. Their teaching is fast paced and exciting. Their passion for dance really comes alive during teaching and they are always seeking out new inspiration!


Mishel Mayen.

Mishel Mayen.

Mishel is an established instructor and performer, affectionately known as "The city's best kept secret". Her lady's stylish, smooth and exciting choreographies had taken the national salsa scene by storm and firmly established Mishel as a renowned performer and instructor. She is a very versatile teacher, with a vast knowledge in musicality, partner-work combinations, following and leading techniques, footwork and ladies styling. Her methodical nature and amazing ability to pick up new skills has seen her progress rapidly.

Mishel set about adding her own unique touch to eventually develop her distinct style. Her routines are as exhilarating to watch as they are to dance. She has taken her unique and innovative style to the whole country. She rapidly earned her reputation as one of the very few instructors in Guatemala to raise and develop the new generation of salsa dancers, instructors and performers in the country. Her unique style of footwork and body movement combined with energy and intensity have earned her popularity. Mishel brings much that she has learned from her own performing experience to her classes and choreography with a showmanship that is unique and habitually watchable. Her ladies Salsa and Bachata styling workshops are in high demand where she focuses on the dynamics of body movement, musical interpretation, detailed arm styling and fancy footwork.

Mishel is a passionate salsa dancer and brings style and grace to her performing. She has been teaching highly popular weekly ladies styling classes, and a regular ladies choreography group with beginners, intermediate and advanced students. As a passionate Salsa dancer and teacher, she is well recognized for his skills in salsa. According to her mum's opinion started to dance even before being born.


Julie Alvarado

Julie Alvarado.

Julie has been dancing Salsa for various years; she has been acquiring a vast knowledge and experience of Salsa and Latin dancing/teaching. Along with her friendly personality, her experience has made Julie one of the most well-liked and respected dancer and instructor in the Salsa World in our city today! Julie is fast developing a reputation as one of the most enthusiastic, dedicated and inspiring salsa instructors in Guatemala. Her friendliness and charisma, coupled with her genuine desire to help students to learn salsa in a structured but fun way has made her a popular teacher, with recent students, describing her style as friendly, dedicated, excellent, enthusiastic and fun.

Julie continues to develop her skills and learning new dance styles as she believes that within dance you never stop learning be it from your students or other teachers. Julie succeeds in being a very friendly, patient and skilled teacher and has made it her aim to teach correct technique but keep the element of fun within her classes and her dancing. She found her true love during a Salsa congress in Salsa Latina Academy where she danced like never before. She is beautiful, with a sexy accent and infinitely talented, and also a natural salsa dancer!





Josue discovered a passion for Salsa & Bachata (part of his dancing training) when he started dancing aged 17. He excelled in Salsa, winning competitions & creating a name for himself along the way. He is currently working in Salsa Latina Academy as the Artistic Director and coordinating choreographies in Salsa presentations. When you watch Josue in action you see that he is the product of dancing & training hard for over 15 years, many of these years as a professional. He has a wealth of knowledge in several forms of dance, none of them done in half measures. This gives him a great understanding of body mechanics, an essential requirement for all teachers and dancers.

He believes that it is very important to teach to dance from your core and with your whole body, not just what you should do with your feet and arms. With his natural flare, refreshing style and engaging personality, he has participated for dance congresses internationally. As one of top instructors in the country, specializing in teaching complex yet partner-work routines, he has fast become a very sought after name in Salsa in Guatemala.

Although Josue has extensive experience of teaching Salsa, he is also very well known for his popular Bachata workshops. His enthusiasm for Salsa and Bachata has encouraged and developed a strong community of Bachata fans on the Guatemalan & Central America dance scene.