Learn to dance Salsa with a dedicated instructor.

Learn to dance Salsa with a dedicated instructor.

Class schedule & prices

At Salsa Latina Academy, we offer several options depending on whether you are travelling alone or with a partner, and whether you require accommodation while you are attending your classes.

We also offer the option to study Spanish with our partner school Sol Latino. For more information on combined Salsa and Spanish packages, please go to our Combined Salsa & Spanish Packages page.

Please use the links below for information on our Salsa classes, or contact us if you have any further questions.

Free Taster and Practice Classes

If you want to see how much you like salsa, you can try it out for free in our weekly salsa group class. By attending this class, you are not committing to further classes. Salsa is a fun workout and a great way to meet new people, as well as an effective stress reliever.

The Salsa Latina Academy also offers a supervised weekly practice hour for all students and non students looking for a friendly and social environment to practice their moves. An instructor is available to assist the students with questions. It is not a lesson.

Contact us to find out when our next free and practice sessions are.

Package Options and Prices

Our Solo packages provide you with 1 on 1 teaching in your Salsa class, and a private room if you require accommodation.

Duo packages are designed for couples or friends travelling together, who wish to share a teacher and share a room where accommodation is required.

Solo packages

These packages are priced based on 1-on-1 classes.

Cost per person, per week $
No. of hours
of Salsa classes
Housing options Low season
(Sept - May)
High season
(June - Aug)
5 + 1 free hour None $ 60 $ 65
5 + 1 free hour Casa Latina $ 95 $ 100
5 + 1 free hour Home-stay $ 110 $ 115

Duo packages

These packages are priced based on 2 people sharing classes and accommodation.

Cost per person, peer week $
No. of hours
of Salsa classes
Housing options Low season
(Sept - May)
High season
(June - Aug)
5 + 1 free hour None $ 50 $ 55
5 + 1 free hour Casa Latina $ 74 $ 79
5 + 1 free hour Home-stay $ 100 $ 105

Registration Fee and Our Charitable Donations

To enroll, each student must submit an application and pay a onetime (non-refundable, not part of your tuition) US$30 registration fee. This guarantees your enrollment in one of the Salsa & Spanish packages in Salsa Latina Academy and your stay with a Guatemalan family.

US$10 of your registration fee is used as funds to support the social organization currently in need of materials and contribution, or expenses for special activities related to the project. The registration fee also helps to cover some expenses in the registration process (post office, calls, taxes, etc.) and the maintenance of the web page and promotional materials.

The registration fee payment can be sent directly to us using a banking transfer or be paid at Salsa Latina Academy during the first week of classes.

Your registration is 100% guaranteed!

What is Included in Your Package

For each of the below items, you will get a personal teacher for yourself, or yourself and your partner depending on whether you have chosen a single or duo package.

All classes are held Monday through Friday, and can be either in the morning or afternoon according to your preferences.

Salsa dancing is a fun way to socialize.

Salsa dancing is a fun way to socialize.

  • Personalized Salsa classes.
  • A group weekly Salsa Class.
  • Accommodation, if required, according to your preferences. For more information on our accommodation options, please go to our Accommodation page.
  • The option to participate in our daily activities free of charge. For more information on the types of activities and excursions you can expect, please go to our Activities & Excursions page
  • Access to the volunteer opportunities with the social projects that our school supports, and the various NGO's around Quetzaltenango. For more information on the volunteering opportunities available and social projects we support, please go to our Volunteering & Social Projects page
  • Contribution to the social projects that the school supports, and to local social projects within Xela.
  • A minimum of $10 from your tuition price is donated to local social projects in need of funding. For more information on our charitable donations please click here.
  • Unlimited free coffee, tea, and purified water all day long.
  • Free internet access and unlimited WIFI access.

About Your Salsa Lessons

Our instructors are experienced and skilled teachers, with the desire to share their passion for the art of Salsa dancing. You will get a dedicated instructor who can take you through all of the stages to becoming an accomplished dancer.

  • Basic steps
  • Timing
  • Lead and follow techniques
  • Working on putting together different moves and spins
  • Developing a free and relaxed connection with your partner
  • Giving special attention to rhythm and musicality
  • Spin techniques
  • Strengthening your musical understanding
  • Improving body awareness for better balance and dynamics
  • Routines
  • Making you a skilled salsa dancer