Activities & Excursions

By organizing daily activities throughout the week, Salsa Latina Academy offers students a great way to enjoy some of the beautiful places surrounding Quetzaltenango. These activities are also a way to expand the students? knowledge of the local Latin culture and their knowledge of the language. Participation in the activities will enrich your studies and allow you to obtain a more diverse learning experience.

Activities are a part of total immersion, of learning the language, and of learning about the Latin culture. Direct participation by our students enriches their education and enables them to enjoy a unique experience.

Each week we offer our students a new schedule of daily activities. For example, one week might include a conference about Latin culture and history, a visit to a Mayan town where time stands still, hiking, sports activities, dinners, celebrations of special occasions and holidays, cooking classes, conversational clubs, dance classes, films, games, visits to local hot springs, museums, churches, and, of course, the chance to visit the social projects that we support.


Volunteering with a local organisation is a very rewarding experience.

Volunteering with a local organization is a very rewarding experience.

Activities with Social Projects

We make visits to the social projects in and near Quetzaltenango, as well as participate in special activities that these projects create. These vary from activities with children in rural areas, to educational activities, planting trees, reforesting the country, collection of medical materials, and medical day-work, to name a few.

For more information on volunteering with social projects while you are in Xela, Please visit our Volunteering page.

Visits to the Mayan towns and their markets.

Almolonga, Zunil, Salcaja, San Andr?s Xecul, Momostenango, San Francisco el Alto, Chichicastenango, and many others.

Every week we visit a town near Quetzaltenango. You will get to know these treasures with their diversity, history and the present social situation. The towns differ from each other in local languages, traditions, clothing, agriculture and topography. In addition, each town has its own day for its traditional market. This is always very interesting for visitors and at the same time you can enjoy the cultural sights of Guatemala. All this makes for a wonderful experience.

Typical dinners, international dinners, cooking classes, and the celebration of special days.

Enjoy sporting activities with other students and locals.

Enjoy sporting activities with other students and locals.

This is a good opportunity to learn how to cook, and to savor and enjoy the traditional food of Guatemala and other countries. You can share your cooking experiences with students and teachers. At the same time you can listen to music, dance and chat.

In addition, special celebrations are held at various times of the year to learn more about our history and culture and enjoy the Latin atmosphere.

Sports and group activities.

Basketball, soccer, cycling, long walks, group conversational clubs, and more.

This is a good way to share with other students, teachers and locals while getting some exercise outdoors. It is not necessary that you excel at sports, all you need is good energy and to have fun!


On the weekends we organize longer excursions with experienced guides to the most beautiful locations of the region, such as volcanoes, lagoons, lakes, mountains, Mayas ruins, farms, beaches, hot springs, markets, and more.

In addition, when you participate in the activities and excursions it is a special opportunity to meet descendants of the Mayans and to share experiences with students from around the world.

Spend weekends trekking up volcanos.

Spend weekends trekking up volcanoes.

Volcano Santa Maria

The Santa Maria Volcano is the majestic volcano that can be seen from most parts of Quetzaltenango. It is located just to the south of Quetzaltenango. With an elevation of 3,777 meters above sea level you are often rewarded with spectacular views of the region from the summit. On a clear day it is possible to see Volcano Tajamulco (the highest point in Central America), as far as the Pacific Coast, and the volcanoes surrounding Lake Atitlan near Antigua. Just below Santa Maria lies the active Volcano Santiaguito. Santiaguito is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. When you summit Santa Maria you are almost guaranteed to see Santiaguito erupt at least once.

Laguna Chicabal

This very important and beautiful lagoon is situated just 24 kilometers from Quetzaltenango: a sacred place for the Mayan towns, a paradise for nature lovers. The lagoon is within the crater of the volcano, which has a special mysticism associated with the clouds of mist that surround the lagoon each morning. Chicabal is probably the most important sacred site for the Mayans.

Lago de Atitlan

The lake of Atitlan is located in the west of Guatemala. The lake is definitively one of the most impressive attractions with beautiful landscapes and Mayan towns where the colorful, typical textiles of Guatemala are displayed. Around the lake there are three majestic volcanoes that were formed long ago, and increase the lake's beauty; Atitlan is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

Visit the famous volcanic hot springs.

Visit the famous volcanic hot springs.

Excursions to hot springs and saunas

Aguas Amargas, Los Vahos, Fuentes Georginas, Aguas Termales, etc.

Quetzaltenango is near an active volcanic zone therefore the area is surrounded by natural steam baths and hot springs. These locations are also places where it is possible to appreciate incomparable landscapes, thus creating unsurpassed relaxation centers.


Tilapa, Monterrico, Champerico, Tulate, and others.

Guatemala has beautiful beaches; the majority of them are located along the Pacific Ocean, 2 to 3 hours from Quetzaltenango. You can enjoy the radiant Sol Latino, the black sand, the warm seawater, the rich seafood, and refreshing coconut water drinks. It is the ideal place to relax!

We are flexible with our programs and can change them to meet the desires of our students.